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Benvolio @r______
Today I have seen my dear friend Mercutio die at the hands of Tybalt. Mercutio’s death made Romeo so mad that he when to Tybalt and they fought and Romeo killed him. I told Romeo after he killed Tybalt, if you don’t go now the Prince will kill you. (Act III, Scene I)
Juliet @o______
I don’t know if i should take this sleeping potion thingy. What if it actually kills me or worse they find out I faked my death. You know what i’m just going to do it for LOVE. #commitment #love #romet (Act IV, Scene III)
Juliet @j______
Paris just isn’t my type, why does nobody understand that and how I feel. Yeah he’s cute and all but I’m married to Romeo who I love. #romeoforlife #getout #noprettyboys (Act IV, Scene I)
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